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Wed 10 February,2016

Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement

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All over the world, mega organizations, institutions and government agencies are immersed in tackling the ongoing economical chaos.  Unsolved mysteries must now be unraveled and we must become conscious that the world has already moved on and did not wait for any one on the mighty power. The problems are now almost incurable and it’s time for complete metamorphisms. 

We have entered into a dark tunnel of confusion and must run towards light to witness the metamorphosis taking place on the other side.  The rate of transformation as a natural course of human development is unstoppable and like the impact of the Gutenberg printing press took a century, the Internet a decade, and social media about half of that, this hyper accelerated metamorphism will feel like a direct hit of a comet as we approach 2020. Every process that we interact with and every lifestyle altering advantage we create will be impacted.  To explore the reality check here are the monster collisions.

The Alternate Mobilizations: 
Billions of taxi rides around the world are now disrupted daily by the creation of UBER as an alternate to taxis. Next to be impacted will be personal cars; imagine 100 plus UBER like online on demand ‘personalized transportation systems’, eliminating car ownership, insurance payments, parking issues, maintenance and what not. With these types of on demand, door to door service programs will create shock waves in mobile societies and consumption. The need to drive and its compulsive importance will be neglected. The efficiencies saving of energy will place the personal car population back to where it was in the 1950s. Oil will lose its importance. The emerging and population rich nations will deploy technology over ownership of multiple cars and endless driving. 

Beneficiaries: the car ownership becomes on demand service to global age thinkers 
Enemies: The oil-addicted mentality will object.  
Adjustments: limo driven all the time and no gas or parking hassles

The Alternate Workspaces: 
Office-less offices will become the norm, as the free mega features of mobile devices will further eliminate the need of working in traditional 9-5 offices. The high performance and smart skills will simply fly out the towers. The smart workers will deploy global age wisdom of ‘soft power asset management’ issues in an open boundary-less spaces.  Celestially wireless systems, global thinking with online high definition face to face execution, push buttons commands and controls, under the most optimum surrounding will result in unlimited possibilities. This will leave behind mundane heavy office equipment bound assembly line routines.  The mundane processes previously taking place in cubicle cages will be shifted to robotics and massive automation. The downtown core of mega cities will melt. Most towers will transform into living spaces and theme driven jungles. Offices will start to disappear or turn into casual-crazy work spaces. They will be highly efficient, technologically advanced, economically informal, 24-7-365 access, designed like private clubs, rain forests, cafés or techie garages, to be used as and when required by anyone in the organization. The daily time wasted in commuting to attend disconnected meetings and hanging out by water coolers will be considered very old fashioned and regimented office work will become a dead model.


Beneficiaries: new global age smart workers with independence seeking adventures   
Enemies: The last century mentality of job security and gold watches upon retirement 
Adjustments: global age execution to replace all routine and repeated work via automation 

The Alternate Economies: 
The economical metamorphosis will begin with new terminologies, new measurements and most importantly with the delivery of “truth”-- all the time with full digital access. The next ‘global age companies’ will have the most advanced technologies to measure every step of the performance by the minute and pay  workers based on performance and output. Permanence of job security will be mostly for in house security guards; the rest will be compensated based on performance and productivity measured with money dripping into online accounts of staff based on instant results. What you do in your drifting social media time is yours. Talented workers will triple their rewards and mediocrity will become clearly visible. The alternate gig-economy will have billions self-employed specialists around the clock on demand issues. The new types  of Uber HR will bring talent and Airbnb will provide required office or warehousing accommodations; welcome to a new pure and raw talent based 24x7x365 performance-economy.

Beneficiaries: the entrepreneurial side of global humanity currently squashed in chaos
Enemies: Ivory tower bastions and economic modeling
Adjustments: search truth via metadata; discover the power of intra-parallel connectivity   

The Alternate Viewings: 
Good bye traditional TV; it has already lost its edge to smart streaming. The Dark-TV a product constantly dumbed-down often fake ‘breaking news’ blended with silly reality shows are now being replaced by highly categorized intelligent and customized contents with instant online streaming access to and from all over the world which creates our own ‘personalized on demand TV’. The primary sectors impacted will be the traditional TV journalism, advertising industry, mega streaming players, cable operators, global marketing and new personalized channels. 

Beneficiaries: Massive knowledge transfer via advance media tools 
Enemies: Propagandist and advertising centric mentality 
Adjustments: submerge into video streaming culture with expert level competency

The Alternate Commerce: 
The global age businesses, big or small will have the special skills needed to deploy new connectivity to the nth degree or they will face oblivion. The current Internet will appear as wire on poles, replaced by future Internet creating millions of new self-replicating touch points with the world becoming smaller by the day. New language for the global age business will emerge and alternate commerce will make our current models look like the Fuller-Brush door to door selling models of the past. The world is about to see an eruption of millions of new and powerful innovative ideas; these ideas will amaze the global populace; There will be daily gushes of amazing combinations of thoughts, products, and dreams bustling with new collaborations and rapid deployment across the world. Asia will be playing a very aggressive role. The entrepreneurial talent from little towns and villages around the world will erupt with technology and massive online interactions.  

Beneficiaries: believers of value creation and image supremacy of innovative excellence 
Enemies: hard asset centricity, case study dependent followers, localized mentality
Adjustments: acquire mastery of global age thinking, knowledge and execution 

The Alternate Habits: 
Everything about everything will change in a major dramatic way. Imagine what would have happened had the Norman Rockwell family of the 1940’s been given the Internet and 5G smart phones. Life would be surprisingly interesting and everything would be turned upside down. The biggest impact of technology altering our lifestyles and habits would be 10 times more as powerful than when the “horse carriages turned into cars.  This took a century; but now dramatic changes will occur during one season and simultaneously all over the world.  It will be very much like the awakening of the famous fable of Rip Van Winkle. 


Beneficiaries: smart habits will create smart entrepreneurialism based empires
Enemies: Those who stop others from dreaming big and accomplishing much.  

Adjustments: immerse in hobbies, the biggest hidden assets to prosperity, 

 As the general public gets more immersed in the deep digital dive, the real truth will become the new and awaited Messiah. 

CEO Wanted For New Global Age of Economical Metamorphisms

All over the world, there is a serious shortage of ‘new global age’ CEOs.  Here are the three reasons and the critical transitory factors:

 Recliner Mounted: During the last millennia, in the ‘age of scarcity’ when mediocrity was sufficient to guarantee rapid success; CEOs were formally attired, big, tall and robust; they came with firm handshakes, all smiles with bright, shiny teeth personalities.  Most had little or no knowledge of the business operation itself, but they were experts and savvy in wheeling and dealing shenanigans.  They roamed the business empires. They made their mark, but added little or nothing to the creative processes necessary for continued growth and prosperity. Small or medium size enterprises were not important at all. Only mega businesses existed. 

Floor Runners: As we approached the year 2000 the CEO picture was changing.  By this time, CEOs were faced with fierce competition and were forced plunge into the organization’s operations and could be seen casually marching around the floors of the organization encouraging people to improve performance while keeping an eye on securing their own mega bonuses for improvements. Process improvement became the buzz phrases for the period.  These transitions benefitted businesses all over the world. 

Formula Drivers: Today, enriched in the ‘age of abundance’, where for every new idea there are thousands of better ones, the new global age CEOs are seen only as great symbols of superior performance.  As we approach the third decade of our new millennia, they have become uniquely invisible; they blend among the pack with the flat hierarchical organization. They are the real experts; they know what to do and how to get it done; they are committed and dedicated to their craft, working inside and outside the organization; the 9-to-5 formats are gone and around-the-clock global interaction is the norm.  Sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't; they are the phantom force and their presence is always felt within the organization. They are leaders because they lead; they are CEOs because they can execute as chief executive officers; they do not require a business card title or a corner office to tell them what to do.  They have the most powerful technology at their fingertips and they are aware of every action, reaction, and every counter action taking place within the organization. They are global age CEOs and the most sought after human resource today.

 How do you become a global age CEO? A strategic plan of action

 Mastery of Pressurized Distillation:
Distillation of foggy ideas, illusionary detection, and even at times, hallucinations are all critical to sequentially form and transform raw ideas into vision. It’s a good thing for mind to drift in aimless wander.  These lose ideas are gifts of growth and we must cherish them, play with them and stack up piles of unusual observations because such thoughts end up creating true vision. Anybody capable of dreaming can create and develop vision. Job titles, cubicles and corner offices seriously hinder such processes. Equally, an entire floor lined up with swinging hammocks is not needed in order to gain innovative advancement or superiority of ideas.  What is needed instead is a companywide philosophy that embraces open challenges to any and all ideas, including the current enforcement of the so-called vision of the firm. High pressure distillation is required. True CEOs will learn to discover the real truth about the corporate vision. They, with the help of their team, will determine direction and implement bottom line plans to reach their goals.  They will no longer join the majority of organizations all over the world who are occupied in some weird endless chase without any serious advancement? 

Fact: Most firms have a single minded money making notion, twisted to look like a vision. 
Study: Detroit Auto Industry, Kodak and compare them to winners like Apple, LinkedIn
Action: Challenge and find deeper and more intricate meaningful aspects for the firm. 

Mastery of Prismatic Crystallization:
Various styles and types of vision, once crystallized properly, define success and super-success. The crystallization process demands that we create a three dimensional version of vision.  A true vision is visible and almost touchable whereby there are central points of discussions and reviews, evaluation and refinements. This is where the next generation of the greatest global success stories will be found.  When personal ownership of vision is in place and hidden in the file drawers of the founders’, the so called vision is untouchable and it becomes a corporate taboo to peek. Challenging the so called vision is unheard of.  Today, foggy and non-sequential after thoughts identified as crystallized vision is where the majority of organizations are stuck. In these organizations, finger pointing becomes the norm and lacks of sales or funding becomes the main mantra with all blamed on human performance and talent issues. Those fancy slogans claiming the organization’s vision that are framed across cubicle should be replaced by open discussions across the organization.  All aspects of the organization should be open for debate, challenge, dialogue, and evaluation.  The corporations claiming never being stuck are rather on a silent rotation to oblivion due to the lack of clarity and pending rectifying actions. It is time to calibrate prismatic crystallization and grab the vision and make sure all can see it and manage it.

 Fact: Many organizations are treated like gospel and only after bankruptcy discover that their ‘lack of vision’ becomes the talk of the world 
Study: Radio Shack, GM, WorldCom and compare them to winners like Airbnb, Google
Action: Call a big meeting on this subject and moderate an open and candid debate

 Mastery of Rapid-fire Execution:
Frequently the greatest concepts and crystallized visions remain dormant collecting; they lie around and collect dust because of lack of execution. Entrepreneurial talent is wasted when brilliant minds, with real clarity, lack execution or operational skills or vice versa. New global age thinking coupled with the execution of these ideas is so critical today.   We must take advantage of the abundance of too many brilliant ideas. When entrepreneurs are not executives or executives are not entrepreneurial a new style of operational merging is required. It must become our mission and passion to discover global age execution. We must mandate rapid-fire actions all across the board because it is the depth and knowledge that make rapid fire execution a normal high performance process. Unskilled teams will not be able to operate in this arena and as such fall into a death trap. The organization and its teams must operate like a well written and directed ballet, where roles are clear and executed to perfection.

 Fact: Often the best ideas of an organization have the worst of downstream executions
Study: Volkswagen, Sears, Xerox and compare them to winners like Dyson, Tesla
Action: Daydream all day, but execute every second.


CEO Wanted:
All over the world, there is a deep and silent realization that current corporate affairs are not headed in the right direction.  Equally true is the fact that there is a major revolution of restless entrepreneurial talent anxiously waiting to energize their own spin to fix the problems and bring local-global prosperity.  Also In this void there is a critical shortage of bold new global age executives with has the talent, skill, and where-with-all to lead their organizations in this new and demanding environment.  Mentorian Worldwide is building large teams of global age CEOs to coach and train larger teams of enterprising CEOs and equip them to cope with new global age challenges.  It’s time to identify the core issues, rectify and apply solutions.  It is time to team up with like minded forces and create unheard of before successes and acquire global age thinking, knowledge and execution.


Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement is a world recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. Mentorian Worldwide his new project on entrepreneurial leadership development is getting global attention. LinkedIn:



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